A 5 Step Formula Helping You Make Quick And Simple Changes To Get You Out Of Your Rut  And Get Back Your Sense Of Direction.

The Five E's For Revived Living For Self Employed Parents - Louise Claremont, Revived Living

STOP beating yourself up about what your haven't achieved or done.

Congratulate yourself on taking the first step to 'Reviving' your life by downloading this eBook!

See how you can make changes that will help you focus on you regardless of what is going on around you.

Whether its physical health, aches and pains or a goal you would like to achieve, following this formula will help you stop feeling like you are walking in treacle.


Inside this FREE 22 page eBook, you will discover...

  • 1.

    Clarity about where you are now and what you would like to achieve. Re-engaging with your imagination.

  • 2.

    How your thoughts and beliefs can hold you back and ways of changing them. So that even when you're freeling stressed and overwhelmed, you can still move forward.

  • 3.

    Practical steps you can take to help you make changes, and to help give you control back and more time to focus on living not existing.

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Stop drifting! Get focused on you and what makes you feel good, and motivated!

Download my FREE ebook that will help you take the first steps to working out what you want from life, what stops you from getting it, and how you create change, while developing a more conscious and connected relationship with yourself and your environment.


You'll discover my unique formula to help you work out what's important to you that you are currently do not have!


A unique common sense approach from someone who has 'been there'!


You can start anywhere in the formula - it's most important that you take action! Without action everything stays the same.


Don't waste any more time feeling stuck in a rut!

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