Who Am I To Talk About Money?!

You may be wondering why I feel I’m qualified to offer any money ‘stuff’ advice! What makes me different from anyone else who does it?

Four years ago I left my ex-husband and, with my two children, had to move into rented accommodation. He was a salesman and I was self employed, and we had lived for years waiting for the next big deal to come in. Our whole life was spent waiting and waiting, and in the meantime bounced cheques, paying bills late and living hand to mouth became a normal existence. We had no pension or provisions for the future. And you know what? It didn't matter, because when that deal came in...

Any Of This Sound Familiar?...

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'The first thing I started doing was checking my bank balance every day.  I found it quite stressful, until I realised that actually it was more stressful going to a shop wondering whether my card was going to be declined or not, than knowing exactly what was in my account! (Although it was far from pleasant reading to start with!)  It meant I had to accept that I had to do something, because I knew there wasn't enough money and so I was making choices based on knowledge rather than being in denial.'

...Fast forward 18 months on, with my ex defaulting on the mortgage and the house to be repossessed, I made the difficult decision to declare myself bankrupt. I can only say, what an intense relief it was. I was able to draw a line under a mess that could never be resolved without the cooperation of my ex. I made sure that no private creditors were owed money and, while bankruptcy is nothing to be proud of, I am proud of how I handled it with my clients and customers.

The contract on the franchise business that I was running, my main source of income, was immediately terminated. It removed my income but it was also a turning point. It forced me to make a decision. I chose to focus on doing something I loved – my holistic therapy and NLP training.

I got a part time job in a pub, looked after dogs and basically did anything I could do, to get money in, so I could focus on my business.

I read a lot of books and websites, listened to lectures and attended courses. I learned what worked, I learned what didn't work and what I learned that worked, I put into practice. At times it’s been very challenging and I could easily have become distracted in the ‘poor me’, but what keeps me focused is really identifying a goal which is important to me. I use my skills that I have learned through my work, understanding how the mind works, to help me as well.

I started to apply the skills and knowledge from my work and things that I had learned over the years, and over time have started to turn things round.

Four years on my life is very different, I now have a pension (albeit a small one!), and ISA and a very clear focus. I’m running my own business and loving what I’m doing. I know it’s only me that blocks myself and I am continually looking at where my beliefs can make life difficult for myself and working on them!

So all I would say to you is whatever your circumstances, even if you worry about money and you know you don’t need to, start to take these steps!

Money dictates so much of what we do, how we live our life's. We may not like it, but money is dominant in everyone's lives so we might as well embrace it and work at it, and understand why at times we make some disastrous decisions with it!

There is so much I have learnt on the way and the main thing is that ultimately, its a combination of mindset and being conscious with what we are doing with our money that creates the biggest change and once I really grasped this, that is when the biggest changes started to happen!

Join me for the ‘Feeling Good About Your Money’ Journey and you’ll find out more along the way about what motivates me and why September 6th 2019 is a date of significance for me!

Louise xx

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