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Do you feel like you're walking in treacle, and unsure of what you want in life let alone how you could have the head space or time to work out what you want in life?


Are you a self employed parent looking for a strategy to help you manage every day life and help you focus on what you would like to achieve in your life?


Maybe you would like a step by step easy to follow plan that will help you make progress even when you struggle to see a way forward, and there seems like such a huge gap between where you are and where you would like to be.

My name is Louise Claremont and over the last 15 years I have developed the 5 E's to Revived Living Formula.

The 5'E's formula has been developed by me through a combination of working with clients and also through my personal experiences and study.

The aim of this formula is to give you the tools to create the life you want to lead regardless of the ups and downs of life. You may have a personal challenge that you would like to overcome, a change in circumstances or a business goal to achieve. You may even just want to get more structure and focus in your life.

This formula is completely flexible, you can apply it to any area of your life where you feel stuck.  The formula's focus is about you creating a conscious relationship with yourself and everything around you and seeing how you can put limitations on yourself and your life.  

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to support clients through their highs and lows.  I spend a lot of time every year developing and refining my skills so that I can nurture and assist you in achieving the things that you want to achieve.  It doesn't have to be big - just what is important to you!

So if you would like a plan for how you can get a game plan together and insight as to how you can best do that for yourself with support and guidance....... then I would love to help you.

Hi Louise, I would just like to let you know how much I have enjoyed and benefited from working through your 5 E’s formula with you.

The focusing on mental and physical decluttering has had a significant impact on my concentration and stress levels when solving complex work issues.

I will continue to put in place all of the positive pointers you’ve raised and I am really looking forward to the continued improvements they will bring. 

Thanks again and keep it up, you’re a star!!

Tony B

I can't help everyone but I'd love to help you....

If you are making a major change to your life either by choice or necessity and you're not sure how you can get through it


You have a specific goal you would like to achieve.

Maybe you feel you've spent the last few few years drifting around a bit and would like to feel like you're driving your bus again!

I'd like to invite you to make that call if you are truly committed to making changes and focusing on changing your reality, steering your ship and are passionate about doing this even if right now you don't know how!

Several years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went into complete emotional meltdown on hearing the news. I was constantly in tears, hated going out in case I had to talk to someone about it and was particularly emotional that I might not see my grandchildren grow up.

I completely lost sight of the fact that having cancer is not an immediate death sentence. I then started to work with Louise and the change in me and my mental approach was so marked. People commented on how well I was coping with the diagnosis, and how freely I seemed to talk about having chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I came out of the experience with some valuable learning and awareness for myself and continued to make changes long after I was given the all clear.

I continue to use steps from the 5’Es for Revived Living today to help me deal with the ups and downs of every day life!

Ann H

I imagine that by now, you've got questions running through your mind, such as;

 "How can I find the time?"


"Am I going to be be able to do this when I'm already stressed?"

- or maybe...

"Even if I get something from this call, I haven't got the time, energy or money to do anything at the moment"

But here's the thing....right now all you need is a desire and motivation for change...I can help you with the rest!

There are only a limited number of free calls available, as you will be speaking with me personally.

So if this feels right, and you'd like to apply for your FREE call, then click on the button below to submit your application and I'll be in touch.

I can't wait to start supporting you in getting your mojo!

Lots of Love,

Louise xx