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Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is powerful and yet gentle way to work with your unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind is the 'go getter' so its important to work with that when making changes. 

It's just like being in a day dream - but with your eyes closed! You'll be aware of what is going on all the time and you are totally in control of what goes in and what doesn't!

Hypnosis is brilliant support for changing habits that we may have struggled to change in the past.

Money is one of the biggest stresses in every day life. By listening to this hypnosis and exploring where some of your beliefs may be a block, you can gain a more positive outlook on your finances and so reduce the stress that you may currently be experiencing.

This is an opportunity to gain some insight as to why you may feel the levels of anxiety around money that you do.

BONUS! Free Weekly Money Tips!

Through my own personal experience, and working with clients, I'm finding that reinforcing the small habits can really enhance the 1-2-1 time that I spend with them.

So I've decided to share some knowledge with weekly emails and tips, so you can gain more knowledge and maintain focus.

The tips are simple and meant to be thought provoking and confidence building, so you can really take charge of something that has been causing you stress or anxiety.

What others say about my Download tips and emails!

'Having these Tips has really helped me focus. It's easy to know what to do, but without seeing it written down, very easy to put to the back of your mind! I have printed this off and I keep it by my computer. I'm slowly making changes and certainly feel more focused because of this constant reminder!'

'I have been avoiding sorting my finances out for along time and thankfully these tips and Louise's updates has really helped me focus and be accountable to myself. I'm far more aware of what my money goes on and make conscious decisions about how I spend my money now, and my bank balance is starting to see the benefit now! I have a long way to go, but am increasingly confident that as long as I give a few minutes of my time every day, and keep applying Louise's common sense tips to my finances, that I can really begin to make progress!'

'I started off working through Louise's Tips, and initially I felt very challenged but kept going. What really helped was when Louise sent me her Money hypnosis in one of the weekly emails. That really moved things on to another level. I love the fact that Louise shares her own personal experiences so it doesn't make me feel like I'm on my own!'

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