About Kamarla Claremont: Beauty From Within

Hello and welcome – I’m Kamarla, a health and wellness practitioner based in Cobham, Surrey, and my passion is using energy to make you feel good inside and out – beauty from within.

I am a Reiki Master, Member of the Association of Reflexologists and fully qualified beauty practitioner, as well as being a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy.

My work is holistic and incorporates kinesiology, reflexology, reiki, massage and natural face lift massage. What does holistic mean? That I treat the whole of someone, not just a part, to restore balance, focus and wellbeing.  Sometimes, our mind is saying one thing but our body is telling a different story.  I like to think that I like to think that I act as the bridge between both to help mind and body work together.

Nurturing energy

I have been told my energy is very nurturing, and this is reflected in my logo: the four leaves stand for nurture, nature, wisdom and insight, using seasonal and earthy colours to indicate that everything I do is as natural as possible.

Some of my most popular treatments are the facials and the natural face lift massage. If you go to a salon you will get a prescriptive facial using prescriptive products; it won’t be a bad facial but, when you come to me, you will feel fresher and more relaxed – even though you don’t necessarily know why.

That is because I work holistically and incorporate reiki as I work, tuning into your body and organs and trying to clear any blockages and boost the skin. I also do some kinesiology-based food sensitivity testing to help you understand which foods do not agree with you and may be affecting your skin.

Choosing a Revived Living treatment

I offer a number of alternative therapies to revive your skin, body and mind. If you want to take some time out, book in for reiki, reflexology or a massage. You may want to give your skin some tender loving care and have a Heaven Skincare bee sting facial or a natural face lift massage.

You may see all the treatments I offer for skin, body and mind and not know where to start. Then just book in for a facial or massage; I work just as well with clients who just want to turn up and chill for an hour, safe in the knowledge that – however it is that I work – they just feel better and more relaxed.

A few words from my clients

“Your professional persona glowed throughout the experience of deep pressure massage and I most certainly felt revitalised physically and mentally on leaving your premises. Not only will I return but will not hesitate to extol your back-to-nature services to friends and colleagues.” Tony Batkin


I would like to thank you for your excellent expertise in making me the new ‘organised Martin’. I booked in with you not really convinced whether hypnotherapy would work for me; I was very apprehensive and nervous about the whole situation. I have made a massive improvement in organising myself and the day-to-day running of my business. I left your place of work as calm and relaxed as I had ever been, especially the therapeutic massage you gave after my hypnosis session, thus proving your range of skills are second to none.” Martin Bickham


I booked with Kamarla for a Natural Face Lift Massage. Kamarla explained in great detail what to expect, and in a very comprehensive manner. I instantly felt relaxed, and as she gently worked on my face, I could feel a warm tingling as though something was definitely happening. Halfway through, Kamarla showed me one half of my face and I could see the difference instantly. I felt refreshed and very focused at the end of the treatment, which of course was a bonus, my eyes were very bright as well. I also felt very energized.” Mo Rice