How To Keep Your Sun Tan For Longer

With all the holiday talk, I thought I’d give you some ideas on how to keep your sun tan for longer… and in a safe way – hydrate, change your diet with vitamins A, C, D and E, exfoliate, moisturise and use SPF.

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Why Drink More Water?

Why Drink More Water? Now you’ve made the decision to download and listen to this hypnosis there are a couple of important points to note: Please do not listen to this hypnosis while driving or operating machinery. WARNING: Do not listen to this Hypnosis if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have […]

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Confessions Of A Trolley Snob

I have a confession to make – I’m a supermarket trolley snob! Are you? I was at the supermarket yesterday, feeling very virtuous – I’ve really enjoyed having more time over the holidays to cook, try new recipes and read new recipe books. So my challenge, which is faced by most people, is cooking a […]

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Life Choices

Something that caught my attention this week was the funeral of Bobbi Kristina Brown.  I remember when Whitney Houston died and feeling incredible shock.  She was one of my real icons as I was growing up, because at the end of the day who wouldn’t want her voice, her looks – she was just very […]

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declutter your facebook

Declutter Your Facebook

Declutter Your Facebook! One of the most important aspects of Revived Living is finding ways where you can save time to actually think about what you really want from life.  It could be taking up a new hobby, bettering your eating habits, launching a business, having some relaxation time or sorting out your finances. How […]

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Revived Living

Over the next few weeks and months you will start to see a new business name and identity appearing. I’m really excited about this, and I think that it will give a far clearer message as to what I do. My new business name is ‘Revived Living’. So what is Revived Living all about? It’s […]

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Halfway Through The Year

So, now we’re halfway through the year.  Have you taken time to reflect on how this year is going for you? When you made your New Year’s resolutions, in January, where did you think you would be at this point? I took some time out over the half term to reflect and also to spend […]

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The Perils Of Modern Living

Are you concerned about the effects of your mobile phone an laptop? Recent ongoing studies have highlighted the increasing concern over the long term impact of electromagnetic effects from mobiles and Wifi.  This week there was an article, published in The Telegraph, regarding the concerns for children’s health due to the effects of exposure on […]

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Natural Face Lift Massage

Skincare Audit – Revive Your Face With The Help Of Your Body

As you may be aware, I have recently become a stockist of the Essentially Yours Natural Elements and Therapeutics Skincare Ranges. It’s a Naturopathic Range that focuses on re-educating your skin. What excites me about this range is that it now gives me the ability to fine tune your skincare. Using muscle testing (Kinesiology) we […]

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Who Gives You A Shove?

Who challenges you? No matter how good our intentions, from time to time, we all stray from the path of righteousness! When pursuing our goals, we occasionally require a nudge to refocus on the tasks at hand. ‘Now Is Your Time’ is a collective mastermind group. If you want to work towards an achievement, you […]

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Why On Earth Did I Decide To Run A Half Marathon?

Why on earth did I decide to run a Half Marathon? It was a post-divorce challenge, to myself, that I would run a half marathon with my daughter.  Unfortunately, what seemed like a stand for independence, rapidly became more and more difficult as I dealt with coming to terms with the change of circumstances.  With […]

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Time Is Now

Now’s The Time

Now’s the Time My challenge started 4 years ago when I separated from my ex husband.  I left my marital home with my children, and not a lot else, into a rented house.  The reason I’m telling you this is not for a sympathy vote.  It’s because, even now, there is a physical unravelling still […]

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Drink More Water

Are You Feeling Great Now You Hydrate?

Are you feeling great now you hydrate?! How are you getting on with my ‘Drink More Water Easily’ Hypnosis? I hope you’re enjoying listening to it, and enjoying better skin, more energy and mental clarity.  Remember it takes over 21 days to change a habit, so if its been an ongoing struggle for you over the […]

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Drink More Water

Free Water Hypnosis

Free Water Hypnosis Download my fabulous hypnosis that will give you more energy and improve your skin to prepare you for the better weather! * DOWNLOAD HERE * Most of us don’t drink enough for various reasons and because of that I have recorded a hypnosis for you to listen to, to help increase your intake. […]

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Feel Good Music

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

What’s your Guilty Pleasure Piece of Music? I had a stressful day yesterday.  I seemed to spend my whole day looking for stuff!  I just felt I was going round and round in circles and then to top it all I was looking for an email that I couldn’t find. Eventually I found it but […]

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Vibrate Like A V8

Vibrate like a V8! The other morning it was cold, wet and really miserable. I was on the school run and I had to get back quickly for a client.  I jumped in the car, turned the key and listened as my poor engine groaned.  It really didn’t want to turn over… wur wur wur […]

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Get Massive Results From The Hoarder Next Door

Get Massive Results from the Hoarder next door! I was watching one of those Hoarder programmes the other night.  Richard Wallace the neighbourhood nightmare went from an unapproachable eccentric man with an overflowing house, to a very likeable chap.  What was interesting was this guy was a living in a million pound house but had  really let […]

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Thinking about Money

How my Mum turned her Life around with my Declutter Strategy

How my Mum turned her Life around with my Declutter Strategy “What a great workshop!  Fun and informative, I came away with a greater understanding of my attitudes to money, plenty of tips and tools to put into practice and new energy to confidently focus on my finances” Believe it or not my mum had […]

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How is your Kitchen

Declutter Your Kitchen

Declutter Your Kitchen How is your spring cleaning and decluttering going?!  As promised, this is the next step in my series of decluttering posts. Feeling stuck? If you think about water when it’s no longer moving, what happens?  It becomes stagnant and starts to smell.  Well, your clutter represents stuck energy, which is not dissimilar, […]

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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air! Now Spring is here its time to think about Decluttering! Don’t groan, there’s a very good reason why we talk about ‘Spring’ cleaning, and decluttering doesn’t need to be traumatic! Spring Cleaning is symbolic of breathing some fresh air into your home and moving energy. Our home reflects our relationship with […]

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Holistic Energy Massage

Looking after your Skin

Looking after your Skin Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at what goes into your body – such as water to hydrate, diet with your 5-A-Day and Skinade, the anti-ageing drink.  But what about caring for your skin, which is your largest organ? Reflexology Whether it’s the lines and wrinkles on your face, […]

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Jason Vale Juicing

It’s a Win Win – Make Your Health a Priority

Make Your Health a Priority As you know from past newsletters, I’m very keen to find ways to make health a priority for everyone, and to make it as easy as possible.  In my opinion, being properly hydrated is the first step, hence why I have been continually mentioning the water hypnosis, which is there […]

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Skinade Results

Tired and Lacklustre Skin

Tired and Lacklustre Skin? First of all, thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback on my new website – you’ve been so complimentary and supportive, I really appreciate your feedback. So is your skin looking a little tired and lacking in life?  Cold weather combined with central heating play havoc with our skin at […]

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Skinade™ Anti-Ageing Skincare Drink

Skinade™ Anti-Ageing Skincare Drink skinade™ has been developed by leading UK scientists and is designed to provide the perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available anti-ageing skincare products on the market today.  You can buy Skinade™ directly from my website here. Traditional beauty products only function […]

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Louise Onisha Claremont Website

Live & Online

Live & Online January has been a really exciting time for me… the long-awaited and much-needed Louise Onisha Claremont website is now live!  This has been a massive project and thanks to a lot of perseverance and planning, it is now up and running.  Alison Page Marketing has played a vital part in driving this […]

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Habits with Louise Onisha Claremont Habit Reminder

Learn the Power of Habit

Learn the Power of Habit This coming Saturday I will be running my ‘Create’ workshop, which focuses on whatever you would like to achieve this year, personal or professional, and then putting the habits in place to help you to succeed. In the Power of Habit  Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, Charles Duhigg, writes about the cycle […]

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Hypnotherapy | Revived Living, Surrey

The Wonders of Hypnosis

The Wonders of Hypnosis! Hypnosis sometimes receives mixed press; in the past, it’s been viewed as a form of entertainment, a way to expose things in people or a fun tool for stage shows.  There are concerns that you may be made to do something under Hypnosis that you wouldn’t ordinarily do!  Sadly, there are […]

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Create Workshop

Get your New Year off to a head start!

Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year. There are lots of interesting and exciting things going on here at the moment, namely a new website ready to launch in the next few weeks, some new hypnotherapy recordings, and my two new workshops – Create and Money Magnificence. What’s more, […]

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January Madness

January Madness!

January Madness This month I have decided to make an extra special offer to help you really kick start the New Year, with not one, not two, but THREE great offers for you to try Skinade! You will already know and have experienced the benefits of the Natural Face Lift Massage and, enhanced with Skinade, the results […]

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BBC Image of the Queen being Filmed for the annual Christmas Day speech

Habits or Traditions

Habits or Traditions? As you know I’m going to be running some workshops in the New Year, both of which will include some focus on habits and how they can benefit you in generating energy towards a goal that you may have.  We may have bad habits or good habits and, either way, they’re instilled in […]

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Bee Pollen

Prevention is better than cure…

Prevention is better than cure… Christmas is nearly here and I’m very aware that there’s lots of pre-Christmas bugs going around.  Three things I have in my cupboard to stave off any lurgies are: Propolis tablets and throat spray, Pollen tablets and Echinacea. Here’s my top tips for keeping healthy this winter and, with all […]

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Money Workshop

A Plan is Better than a New Year’s Resolution!

A Plan is Better than a New Year’s Resolution! Most of us are beginning to get swept into the Christmas hype, but are any of you looking beyond that?   What you would like to achieve next year?  Is there anything that you haven’t done this year, or in past years, that you really want to […]

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The Wonderful Benefits of Bathing in Sea Salt

The Wonderful Benefits of Bathing in Sea Salt You may have seen on facebook or, if you have had an appointment with me, that I have recently started stocking Sensara Kolure Bath Salts. I absolutely love these bath salts and it’s a real treat for me to take time out and have a bath using […]

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Habit Changing Apps

Habit Changing Apps In my quest for the ideal work/home balance whilst maintaining my health and achieving my objectives, AND without sending myself round the bend, I have been using some great little tools, which I think you might also enjoy! Chains.cc If you have a goal or a daily habit that you’d like to […]

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Water Pouring into Bottle

Feel Good and Look Amazing in the run up to Christmas!

Feel Good and Look Amazing in the run up to Christmas! Water – the elixir of life! Do you drink enough water?  Most of us don’t drink enough for various reasons and because of that I have recorded a hypnosis for you to listen to, to help increase your intake.  With the build up to […]

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5-A-Day Made Simple!

5-A-Day Made Simple! It’s my mission to help you achieve ‘beauty from within’ and to make it as easy and stress-free as possible, whilst still achieving your key goals, such as health, beauty or maybe weightloss. Ever in search of an easy way to eat healthily, I was really excited to take delivery this week […]

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