I have a confession to make – I’m a supermarket trolley snob! Are you?

I was at the supermarket yesterday, feeling very virtuous – I’ve really enjoyed having more time over the holidays to cook, try new recipes and read new recipe books. So my challenge, which is faced by most people, is cooking a healthy fresh meal on limited time and for the best value, once the chaos of term time starts again.

So anyway, I had my trolley full of lots of fresh vegetables and I stood there looking at other people’s trolleys and baskets. I was really shocked at how judgemental I was! Trollies full of ready meals, no fruit, no veg! Truly shocking!!

What do you think when you look in other peoples trolleys? Does it make you feel good about yours, or like you need to make changes? If you were an observer, looking at your trolley and basket when you go shopping, what would you think? If you were to look in your fridge and freezer, what would you think? How would you judge yourself?

Throughout all of this new process, I now have a new best friend though! It’s a website called mysupermarket.com. If I enter a shopping list, it tells me what I’m paying for each item, if there are any special offers, what the equivalent trolley cost is at other supermarkets. I can even swap for cheaper items if I want. I’ve used it for a while but erratically, because I found it very challenging to have the head space to sit down and plan exactly what was needed

However, the best thing about it is that it has an app, so if I run out of something while I’m cooking, or think of something I need while I’m out and about, I can put it on a shopping list and then it automatically adds it to my trolley! Which means I don’t have to be continually remembering stuff for my list and, hopefully, will help me be more organised and spend less time ‘popping’ to the supermarket for things I’ve forgotten and only go for fruit and veg, which I enjoy because we have a supermarket nearby that stocks great fruit and veg so I enjoy the experience.

One of people’s biggest stresses nowadays is lack of time and money and part of what I hope to bring to you through the Revived Living Formula, is the ability to free up time so you can take time out – whether its chill out time or to achieve a goal and focus on something that is important to you.

I’m a parent and self employed, and I understand the stresses of running a business can sometimes compromise the things that are important to us as a parent.

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  1. Guy

    Hi Louise
    Great post, I’m often scanning other people trolleys checking them out.
    I sometimes even find myself getting influenced by what others are buying jut goes to show how suggestible we are and your suggestions are great.

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