Declutter Your Facebook!

One of the most important aspects of Revived Living is finding ways where you can save time to actually think about what you really want from life.  It could be taking up a new hobby, bettering your eating habits, launching a business, having some relaxation time or sorting out your finances.

How can you achieve that if you don’t see where you can create the time?

We are bombarded by infordreamstime_s_25273500mation constantly and our minds are overwhelmed with stuff that is , for the most part, just not relevant.

Facebook is a fact of life for most but how can you make it pleasureable and streamlined so that you are seeing what you want to see and nothing else?

When I look at my phone and see there are notifications, there is nothing that irritates me more than various game invites that I receive.

A way of stopping that is by going to your Facebook account and click on the right hand arrow and scroll down to settings.  On the right hand side there is a blocking option.  Click on that and than start to type in the name of the game that you want to block.  It will then complete it for you.

If you don’t want to block a particular game but get a lot of invites from a particular friend, then you can block invites the friend on the same page.

You can also block or ‘unlike’ pages if you don’t want to see their updates.

Add ‘friends’ to an acquaintance list, if you don’t want to see certain people’s posts but you don’t want to unfriend them, by going to your friends list, going to the person and clicking on the friends tab.

You can even create your own lists.

Look at the pages you’ve liked by typing in the white bar (at the top of the facebook page) ‘pages liked by me’.  Review them and decide if they are still relevant to you as you will still be getting their updates on your page.

What groups have you joined? Do they contribute anything to your life or is it time to leave?!

Most importantly, how many ‘friends’ do you have on Facebook that you’ve only met once.  Can you even remember how you met them?  Isn’t it time to unfriend and just engage with people who actually mean something to you?  Will they even notice if you unfriend them?!

I’ve just deleted someone who I felt I ‘should’ be friends with, but actually every time I saw them face come up on my news feed it reminded me of a really difficult time – not their fault – but also not something I want to be reminded of!


Looking at all of this just means that you can enjoy your Facebook without wasting your time and feel good about it.

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  1. Guy


    Some really good tips here, great post. I went to the extreme of turning my phone off between certain hours in the evening because of this problem, but now I’m going to go through the Facebook notification settings.


    1. Louise Claremont

      I have my facebook in a ‘Do I really need to’ File on my phone! Just a gentle reminder to challenge whether I need to check it at that time!

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