Declutter Your Kitchen

How is your KitchenHow is your spring cleaning and decluttering going?!  As promised, this is the next step in my series of decluttering posts.

Feeling stuck?

If you think about water when it’s no longer moving, what happens?  It becomes stagnant and starts to smell.  Well, your clutter represents stuck energy, which is not dissimilar, so would you want that in your home?  The answer is probably a resounding no now that you have that mental image in your mind!  Good, it will help us to move forward…

But this post isn’t about having an immaculately tidy home.  If you aren’t a naturally tidy person (and let’s face it, not many of us are), it would be unrealistic to achieve such a thing straight away.  Over time, however, you can achieve it, if you focus a little bit every day.

Stay focused!

Remember, if you can, to focus on one area of one room, and first, sort your clutter into piles, such as:

  • Keep
  • Bin
  • Recycle
  • Charity shop
  • Sell

And, if you have anything that doesn’t belong to you, return it!

The key thing with this, is that once you have sorted things into the various piles,  make sure you get them out of the house asap, or the danger will be that it all just gets mixed back in with your other stuff, or you change your mind in a moment of weakness, and then you don’t get anywhere.

If you have things to sell, again get them onto eBay or Facebook straight away.

Remain positive

Be positive in your decision-making process and stick to it!  You will know intuitively if you are ready to get rid of something or not, and it will then be your conscious mind that argues against you if you’re not determined and resolute in your decluttering mindset!  You may find others in the home resistant – that’s ok – focus on what you can do and, hopefully, once they start to see a difference, they will join in too.

Encourage your children to clear out any toys or clothes that they no longer use.  My kids used to love doing carboot sales – but you do have to make sure they don’t buy anything else while they’re there, to avoid replacing clutter with clutter!

Your health is wealth

Every room in the house, represents an area in your life so here’s some pointers for  your kitchen.

If ‘your health is wealth’, what does your kitchen say about you and when was the last time you cleared out your cupboards or fridge?

Here’s some tips to get you started:

  • Clear out old or out of date food, jars and bottles
  • Pull out all your spices, I bet many will be out of date
  • Get rid of any chipped plates or mugs
  • How many bottle openers have you got, and how many do you actually need
  • What about that junk draw, does it need clearing out
  • And the worst job of all – cleaning your oven!

I hope these thoughts will help you move forward positively and the tips will get you started.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on decluttering and how you’re getting on.  Feel free to post a comment to my blog or alternatively get in touch via my Facebook page.

Look out for more tips next week!

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  1. Conchis

    Careful decluttering your darhgteus bedroom!! the most obscure of things can be precious . you know one mans pile of junk is another mans treasure and all that!! []

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