Envision Days

I’m passionate about sharing my skills and experiences, and my Envision days enable me to do just that whilst helping you to develop positive habits to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

My Envison Days envision daysuse a tried and tested framework, combining some group discussion with exercises, designed to make you think and some low level hypnosis. There will only ever be small groups – a maximum of 4 people, and that enables me to give 1-2-1 time if required as well as working with the group.

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Envision Day 

Find out more about the Revived Living Formula and how you can apply it to your life to achieve what you want! Take some time out, and give yourself the opportunity to pin down where you are now and where you would like to to be.  Take some great tools and tips away with you to help give you direction and still achieve a balance in all areas of your life.

Learn and challenge how you can at times hold yourself back, and make the changes – NO EXCUSES!




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