Have you had a change in circumstances, and are feeling unsure of the future?

Do you feel that each year passes quicker and quicker and you still aren’t achieving what you really want?

Do you have a secret ambition that you haven’t had the time or the confidence to pursue?

This is your opportunity to take a day out and think about what it is your getting frustrated about, what you beat about yourself up about for not having done and to focus on the obstacles aCreate Workshopnd blocks that you put in front of ourselves.   With a little time and thought you can change that, but how often do you really take that time to consider how you could be stopping you and not anyone or anything else!

Hit the ground running in 2016.  If you have something you would like to achieve, it isn’t going to happen by accident.  It will be because you’ve given yourself the space.

Would you like another year to go by and to give yourself another opportunity to beat yourself up for not living life the way you would like to live?


Do would you like to take some action now!

The day runs from 9.30am – 2.30pm and you will be in a group of no more than 4 people.  This means that you will have plenty of time and attention to really focus on you – and that in itself may be a challenge to you in every day life.

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In the morning, we will look at which areas of your life are out of balance and work out which areas it would be good to focus on, along with any personal challenges that you would like to tackle.

We will then work on understanding how the conscious and unconscious mind can give out different messages, and work against you even though you may not realise it.

After lunch (which will be provided for you) we will look at ways of focusing your energy, on creating the future you would like to have, alongside habits and disciplines that will help you succeed.

The day will give you timeout and allow you the opportunity to understand how you could be ho??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????lding yourself back and help you to focus on creating positive change; small steps that, over time and with commitment, can create big change, even if right now you don’t know how!

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The workshop will cost £97 with an early bird bonus of a FREE 30 minute phone/face to face follow up if you book before 31st October 2015. It will be held at my home in Tring.