Get Massive Results from the Hoarder next door!

HoarderI was watching one of those Hoarder programmes the other night.  Richard Wallace the neighbourhood nightmare went from an unapproachable eccentric man with an overflowing house, to a very likeable chap.  What was interesting was this guy was a living in a million pound house but had  really let himself go.

I love, love, love to declutter the house and I’m now an expert in decluttering myself!

The Hoarder point above is that this can happen to anyone.  It’s like looking at someone’s eyes, you see the person but never really know whats going on behind the front door.  Well, apart from Richard because his clutter was visible from Space!

This could happen to any one of us

Hoarders feel like they lead a double life, the ‘me’ inside the house and the ‘me’ outside.  It can isolate them from friends and family and even lead them to a life of secrecy.  They don’t see their stuff as rubbish, they see it as treasure but it just needs organising.  Many hoarders hide it for such a long time, because they fear being judged and yet discover when sharing it with someone it can be liberating…

Why am I saying this?

We all have clutter, most of us don’t see it.  How many of us have emotional clutter that we live with?  How many things do we obsess over, and think ‘I’ll do this when… I have more time, lose weight, get more money’ etc.  It’s all about moving emotional clutter and, when you free up space, you will start to see some real benefits such as:

  • Feeling good
  • Looking healthy
  • Walking taller
  • Better relationships
  • Feeling freer
  • Earning more money
  • Having more energy

Join me at my next workshop and you will be feeling great in no time at all…  Get booked in now!

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