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In my quest for the ideal work/home balance whilst maintaining my health and achieving my objectives, AND without sending myself round the bend, I have been using some great little tools, which I think you might also enjoy!

If you have a goal or a daily habit that you’d like to achieve, then this is your baby for tracking it! It gives you complete accountability for yourself. It takes at least 21 days to instil a new or revised habit, and in my personal opinion actually much longer than that. Find out more here.

I start by breaking my tasks down into small manageable sizes. For example, I may want to declutter my office; its not realistic for me to allocate a number of hours or even half a day, so I allocate 15 minutes a day. If I go over 15 minutes, that’s fine, just as long as I maintain my intention and complete 15 minutes the following day, and so on. I also have certain disciplines that I like to have, like checking my bank balance daily which I now do, monitoring my water intake and even body brushing! If I don’t complete these tasks I only have myself to blame and my app is going to show me that I haven’t done it, so now rather than checking Facebook, I check my app! I’m now using my time more effectively, working my way through my to-do list and creating new long-lasting habits at the same time. The longer the chain that you make the more something becomes ingrained and a habit.


Another challenge of mine is focusing on one job at a time and not allowing myself to get distracted. Well, not anymore! The second brilliant app I would like to share with you is called focus@will which plays music, scientifically proven to help you focus. There are different speeds, and it may not be your favourite band of choice, but I have noticed a massive difference in my ability to focus when I’m listening to it. Things that at times I might find difficult to do, I just rattle through now, so it saves me a lot of time and energy too! It’s free for 28 days and then a small fee but, again, in my opinion well worth it!

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