Habits or Traditions?

BBC Image of the Queen being Filmed for the annual Christmas Day speechAs you know I’m going to be running some workshops in the New Year, both of which will include some focus on habits and how they can benefit you in generating energy towards a goal that you may have.  We may have bad habits or good habits and, either way, they’re instilled in us as a deeply unconscious level, so we don’t even know we are doing them.  It could be as simple as the side of bed we get out of, where you put something down, or need to check the door is locked before we go out.  Either way, it’s something we do instinctively, and we will feel uncomfortable if we don’t do it.  By the same token, if it’s a habit we are wanting to start, it can take a long time to instil it before it becomes a given. It’s just done, nothing will sway us from it, because it’s a natural thing to do.

This has also got me thinking about the habits and traditions we have at Christmastime; what’s the difference between a habit and a tradition?  Is a habit something that has to be done every day repeatedly, or can it be something we do once a year?

Read on for a quick festive thought I hope you find interesting and please do share your own habits and traditions with me on my Facebook page.  Details of my two future workshops can also be found on my Facebook page.

Respect and Honour

When trying to define the two, I read an article which, for me, made it a very clear difference.  A tradition is an ‘honouring’ and ‘respect’ for something.  It’s still about an individual or a group of people being together and completing a habit, whether its eating turkey, when we open our presents or seeing family.  It wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t do it, but how many of us actually consciously ‘honour’ our traditions as we are caught up in the stress and practical things that need to be done?

One of my most profound traditions, is watching the Queen’s Speech every year!  I’m not a big royalist, but it’s something that we did with my Grandfather.  When I was a child, I used to really hate it, it seemed to go on for ages, we weren’t allowed to talk through it and quite frankly I didn’t think she was that interesting!

Then one year we didn’t see my Grandparents and we didn’t watch the Queen’s Speech … and it felt so wrong!  Now, the children and I joke about the Queen’s Speech, but it has become our tradition and maybe one that will become their tradition when they get older.  The difference for me this year, is that I will remember to honour and respect the tradition (with an inward smile), and be thankful to my Grandfather for instilling it in me, and honour him in the process!

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  1. Mcjhun

    We don’t have any traditions, but this year we’re plnninag to see the new Die Hard movie on the weekend…not very romantic, lol, but together=good. (Plans may change, however…we heard that movie is getting terrible reviews!)

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