So, now we’re halfway through the year.  Have you taken time to reflect on how this year is going for you?
When you made your New Year’s resolutions, in January, where did you think you would be at this point?

I took some time out over the half term to reflect and also to spend with my children, as my daughter has just come back from Uni, and she’s only home for just over a month.  I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so it’s been lovely.

While I was away, one of my biggest challenges – or so I thought – was turning my phone off.  I thought it would be difficult but, you know what, I loved it.  It got turned on once each day and that was it. No facebook, no emails, just chillin!  It was brilliant.  And, what really hit home, was how much time I spend doing ‘stuff’.  It all needs doing, but I can be much quicker at it.

So, my thoughts, when reflecting on the year so far?  I’m not quite where I would like to be. I’m going to be setting myself more deadlines, allocating time slots, because, you know what?  Sometimes good is good enough!  So you may notice a slightly more ‘raw approach’ to the Newsletters, perhaps the odd typo or spelling mistake but that won’t diminish what I’m saying, but it will free up more time and energy.

I’m going to be turning off my phone,  and  buying an alarm clock, so all phones will now be banned from bedrooms!  There is going to be a self-imposed social media restriction – 3 times a day, and for limited periods of time, and turning my mobile off in the evening.

The benefit will be more time to connect with my family, more time and energy to focus on my clients and more time to focus on making my goals happen this year!
So, if you’re not where you would like to be at the moment, what can you change or detox from to get you back on track?

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  1. Denise

    Thanks for making this great site. It is aizamng for me to see what someone else thinks are top tens and then comparing my list to theirs. I am excited to see new topics added as well. Can not wait to delve in more to the top tens!

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