How my Mum turned her Life around with my Declutter Strategy

Thinking about Money“What a great workshop!  Fun and informative, I came away with a greater understanding of my attitudes to money, plenty of tips and tools to put into practice and new energy to confidently focus on my finances”

Believe it or not my mum had problems with making decisions…

It’s actually one of the reasons I decided to put my Feel Good About Your Money workshop together in the first place. When you see loved ones struggling with challenges, it hits home.  You want to do everything in your power to help them.

In my Mum’s case she just couldn’t make progress in her life and she felt down.  Everyday she obsessed over doing the things she wanted to do, but the clutter in her mind about money was holding her back.  She couldn’t even face the world some days, because she just had too much going on inside her mind.

Feel Good About Your Money Workshop

  • It  will declutter your mind
  • It will help with your confidence, not just about money
  • It will get rid of your financial anxieties
  • It will give you the tools to relax about your money issues

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