Kinesiology | Revived Living, SurreyKinesiology looks at the body as a whole, as it works on the premise that one problem can result in other symptoms. For instance, chronic back pain can lead to depression, while anxiety and stress can result in ulcers. Muscle monitoring can identify the flow of energy throughout the body and identify areas in need of improvement.

I will work with you to formulate an appropriate goal for the session and then use muscle monitoring (muscle testing) to identify and implement the appropriate corrections. These corrections may be on a physical level, connected with emotional issues, mental beliefs, chemical imbalances or dietary changes.

As with all of the therapies I offer, you may be advised on lifestyle changes, and given specific flower essences or supplements. These will help to maintain the positive changes that have occurred during your sessions.

Treatments are charged at £60 for 1 60 minute session.  Discounts are available when booking a course of 6 treatments.