Looking after your Skin

Holistic Energy MassageOver the last few weeks, we have been looking at what goes into your body – such as water to hydrate, diet with your 5-A-Day and Skinade, the anti-ageing drink.  But what about caring for your skin, which is your largest organ?


Whether it’s the lines and wrinkles on your face, or the tone and colour of your skin on any one area of your body, it all tells a story!  Even your feet tell a story in Reflexology, as every area of your feet reflect an area of your body, so watch out for where there may be an area of hard skin, as it could mean a sluggish digestion.  If that applies to you, give me a call on tel: 07811 515723 or book an appointment online to see me.

Natural Face Lift Massage

My Natural Face Lift Massage is an amazingly powerful treatment.  How much money do we spend on expensive skincare, creams and potions and yet, in the same way that we get stiff and tired muscles on our bodies, we also get them on our face too!  But we cant go to the gym and workout our face muscles!  Think about how many times during the day we are moving the muscles on our faces and yet, when was the last time your face had a massage?

Holistic Energy Massage

My Holistic Energy Massage does the same for your body, it helps the skin look lighter and brighter and helps break down lumps and bumps beneath the surface layer of the skin.  If you’ve had children, the skin on your breasts may not look as it used to, and the same applies to tummies and arms.  My Holistic Energy Massage can help give them some lift back and improve their colour and tone.

If you are conscious that your skin looks lacklustre, even though your diet is good and you hydrate well, an Energy Massage can really give your skin a boost, and of course there are other health benefits associated with Massage too, such as:

  • enhancing your immunity
  • increasing joint flexibility
  • promoting tissue regeneration
  • reducing scar tissue and stretchmarks
  • helping circulate oxygen and nutrients into tissue and vital organs
  • improving circulation
  • relaxing tired and overused muscles
  • releasing endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers)
  • reduces stress and anxiety



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