Cleanse and Foam Wash
Cleanse and Foam Wash

Heaven Cleanse and Foam Wash



Essential Oils: Mandarin, Tea Tree (All Organic)
Herb: Organic Soap Wart
Base: Organic Orange Water
Vitamins: Organic Carrot Oil


Apply with cotton wool, fingertips or on an Ella Jane Celebrity Skin wipe. Remove with warm water or tissue off if the skin is extra dry or remove with Ella Jane wipes to help with anti-ageing
Cleanse & Foam Wash:
Use AM/PM rinse off with warm water.

  • Anti-ageing
  • For all ages
  • Firming
  • Increases collagen levels
  • Removes scars
  • Removes pigmentation

This gentle firming wash exfoliates and cleans your skin
Excellent for pigmentation
Improves elasticity of your skin
Helps bring collagen to your skin

Benefits (What the product does to the clients skin);
Skin becomes instantly firmer and softer.

Skin type; Good for all skin types, for anti-ageing as well as oily skins.

Why would you want to buy this?; Great addition to make soft skin softer, firmer and younger. Use to remove skin polish exfoliator for a non-surgical facial at home.

Contra-indications; Sensitivity to citric acid.

Emotion; A new step forward. Emotions to help breaking new ground of life.

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