Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel 30ml



Essential Oils: Organic Neroli
Herb: Organic Vegetable protein and asparagus


Apply after cleansing
Orange Flower Cell Renewal Hydrogel:
Apply after cleansing on cotton wool or Ellajane Wipes or use as a primer before foundation

  • Anti-ageing
  • Renew skin cells
  • Penetrates your skin getting to work from the inside out
  • Keeps your skin clear and smooth
  • Rejuvenates and heals skin tissue
  • Maintains healthy youthful skin by promoting collagen
  • Helps regenerated cells come to the surface
  • Leaves skin looking younger
  • Restores balance
  • Works as an exfoliant and plumps up the skin


  • Everything a toner does and much more…
  • Self healing hydrogels consist of a cross link network of organic
  • polomer style molecules, these net like structures calm, soothes
  • and firms skin tissue and delivers vital skin nutrient and hydration.
  • Intensely hydrating, plumping lines while refining skin
  • Speeds cell renewal & gently increases firming action of tissue repair
  • Anti-ageing and pigment scar repair
  • Refining of lines even on delicate eye area

Benefits (What the product does to the clients skin); Skin can look hard, this gives skin a softer look, which anti-ages.
Skin type; All skin types can use, but for anti-ageing it is highly beneficial to sun damaged skin. If you have a lack of tone and also if you need a rest from other toners.

Why would you want to buy this?; This can be used as a spritz or as a refresher. It also helps with sadness.

Contra-indications; Sensitivity to citric acid could be rare possibly for super sensitive skin.

Emotion; Strength


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