Silver Bee Venom Mask


Heaven by Deborah Mitchell – Silver Bee Venom Mask


Essential Oils: Organic Rose, Organic Lavender
Herb: Organic Marshmallow
Base: Organic Shea Butter
Vitamins: E, Beta-carotene
Other: Bee Venom, Manuka Honey, ABEETOXIN®


Apply a thicker amount before bed or during the day for 10 to 20 minutes, and then wash off with warm water.
Apply a small amount on top of your moisturiser then if you wish apply make-up for a flawless finish.
This can be a moisturiser too just apply after cleansing the skin..

  • Contains bee venom that works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst getting to work on frown lines and wrinkles.
  • Natural ABEETOXIN, a natural alternative to injectable botulism poison
  • Instant anti-ageing effect
  • Firms and releases collagen
  • Relaxes muscles
  • An analgesic (helps with pain)
  • Deborah Mitchell’s signature product, the Bee Venom Mask has gained a World-wide reputation as the ‘natural alternative to Botulinum Toxin which is the most acutely toxic substance known.
  • Already with a massive celebrity following, it positions itself as a revolutionary organic cream that works to control the facial muscles for immediate lifting, tightening and firming, whilst targeting frown lines and wrinkles.
  • Using this product can provide a facial with a difference: completely natural, non-evasive and with real results.
  • Silver: New formula with intensified bee venom for sensitive skin

Anti-ageing, restoration of fine lines, and even for the most sensitive skin
Our patented formula ABEETOXIN® immediately relaxes lines, tightens, and firms skin.
Can be used any day or every day, apply a thin layer all over the face and neck including the eye area. You can leave on as a moisturiser, or for total reinvigoration

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