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Are you concerned about the effects of Wifi on your health? If you are concerned about the impact of EMF radiation you are not alone!

A Eurobarometer(European Commission) Survey taken in 2011 found that 48% of Europeans stated that they were concerned or very concerned over the potential health risks posed by mobile telephony.

Do you use your mobile phone with reluctance? Are you uncomfortable or do you get tired working on your computer? There is scientific and public concern that our high exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMF) could have a detrimental effect on heatlh.

The smartDOT is programmed to harmonise or retune electromagnetic radiation from devices. Each cell in our body acts like an antenna, an extremely sensitive receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic radiation; the body will ‘pick up’ and react to the fields it is exposed to. Retune these fields and enable the body to relax.

There are numerous reasons for tiredness, lack of concentration, headaches, dizziness, irritability and depression. If you suffer from any of these and have eliminated all obvious causes, it is possible that they relate to EMF radiation exposure.

Clinical studies around the world have linked EMF radiation to health problems. Many experts already consider the evidence to be overwhelming and advise strongly that precautions should be taken now.

use a smartDOT on any device:

  • mobile or cordless phone
  • laptop or computer
  • tablet
  • wi-Fi router
  • games console
  • baby monitor
  • in your car
  • TV/DVD unit
  • hairdryer

A smartDOT is guaranteed for 2 years.


The smartDOT is programmed with powerful resonant Phi Technology®.  The natural, coherent frequencies used in this programming harmonise or retune your energy field from any EMF radiation.  They remind your energy field of its optimal state, making it more coherent and resilient.  It is like recharging your battery, restoring and rebalancing your energy.

how to use smartDOT


protect & preserve your energy

If you are concerned about the safety issues you may want a ‘harmoniser’ for your mobile phone, computer, or wi-Fi.  The new golden smartDOT is the ‘harmoniser’ for any device.  It retunes or harmonises the emissions to make them less harmful.

For other great ways of keeping a bioDOT close to you see our phi Luxe range and our special offer bioDOT packs;  bioBAND, bioTAG and bioCLIP.   Each pack include a FREE smartDOT.



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