Quantum Keys of Heaven

Divine Healing Master Key & Quantum ConsciousnessDo you feel that you are stuck in a negative cycle that is stopping you from moving forwards in your life?

Quantum Keys of Heaven is an interactive form of healing therapy that explores, in a gentle way, any blocks we may be experiencing that stop us moving forward with our lives. Using Quantum can enable us to have more self awareness and therefore make changes to our lives in a positive way. Quantum helps free-up negative patterns of behaviour, by clearing out old trauma or blocks, thereby releasing positive energy to empower you to create the changes you want in your life.

During the sessions, we may focus on areas where the client feels ‘stuck’; this can create positive ripples of change in other areas too. The focus is on being in control, not being controlled, whether we are addressing confidence, self-belief, money, career, weight or relationships issues.  This could be relationship issues with your partner or children.

This unique approach is very fast moving and enables changes to happen instantly and permanently.  It can also be done face to face or on skype and is equally powerful being done this way.  This can also work really well on children, who are incredibly receptive to energy work, either face to face or remotely.  Please do feel free to call to discuss this further if you would like more information regarding this.

Each 60 minute session costs £60.  Discounts are available if you would like to book a course of 6 treatments.  Treatments can be given face to face or on skype/phone.