Reiki | Revived Living, Surrey

Are you feeling stressed and feel like you need some time out?  Do you feel like you need a boost? Have you had a challenging time and need some TLC?

If you are suffering from the effects of depression, stress, exhaustion and sleep issues, Reiki and Seichim could help.

Reiki Seichim can help with many other things such as faster repair of broken bones, back problems, pre and post surgery, sleep problems and panic attacks. There really are no limits to what Reiki can help with.

Reiki and Seichim are natural therapy that draw on the energy that is all around us.

It has noticeable positive benefits and has a similar effect on the body and mind as meditation. In fact, it is said that one hour of Reiki Seichim is the equivalent of three to four hours of deep, relaxing sleep. For each person the experience is unique, leaving you feeling grounded and centred.

During a session your body directs the energy to where it is needed most, which in turn stimulates the body’s ability to rebuild, heal and re-energise itself.  You may experience heat, see colours or just fall into a relaxing sleep where you mind just switches off.  Whatever you experience you can know that your experience of Reiki will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated when you leave

Cost per 1 hour treatment is £70.  6 Treatments are recommended for maximum benefit.

A course price of 7 treatments for the price of 6 is available when paying in advance. Please contact us for further information.