Over the next few weeks and months you will start to see a new business name and identity appearing.

I’m really excited about this, and I think that it will give a far clearer message as to what I do.

My new business name is ‘Revived Living’.

So what is Revived Living all about?

It’s working to achieve or resolve a challenge.  It could be that physically you’re not feeling great, it could be that you’re not happy with how you are looking or it could be that you have a personal goal that you would like to achieve.

It’s getting your body and mind to work together, to develop a conscious understanding as to why you are where you are. Why you may find certain things challenging and how, once you become conscious of those things,  you can change them – always by getting the body and mind ‘talking to each other’.  It’s about making small changes and ‘tweeks’ to ‘fine tune’ yourself and your environment.

It’s about the power of consolidation.  Little steps that, over time, add up to big changes. What it isn’t about is perfection.  It is about the journey!

Watch this space as you see the Revived Living Formula evolve, I am so excited about it and I hope you enjoy seeing my journey!



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