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Learn the Power of Habit

Learn the Power of Habit This coming Saturday I will be running my ‘Create’ workshop, which focuses on whatever you would like to achieve this year, personal or professional, and then putting the habits in place to help you to succeed. In the Power of Habit  Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, Charles Duhigg, writes about the cycle […]

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Hypnotherapy | Revived Living, Surrey

The Wonders of Hypnosis

The Wonders of Hypnosis! Hypnosis sometimes receives mixed press; in the past, it’s been viewed as a form of entertainment, a way to expose things in people or a fun tool for stage shows.  There are concerns that you may be made to do something under Hypnosis that you wouldn’t ordinarily do!  Sadly, there are […]

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Create Workshop

Get your New Year off to a head start!

Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year. There are lots of interesting and exciting things going on here at the moment, namely a new website ready to launch in the next few weeks, some new hypnotherapy recordings, and my two new workshops – Create and Money Magnificence. What’s more, […]

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