declutter your facebook

Declutter Your Facebook

Declutter Your Facebook! One of the most important aspects of Revived Living is finding ways where you can save time to actually think about what you really want from life.  It could be taking up a new hobby, bettering your eating habits, launching a business, having some relaxation time or sorting out your finances. How […]

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Get Massive Results From The Hoarder Next Door

Get Massive Results from the Hoarder next door! I was watching one of those Hoarder programmes the other night.  Richard Wallace the neighbourhood nightmare went from an unapproachable eccentric man with an overflowing house, to a very likeable chap.  What was interesting was this guy was a living in a million pound house but had  really let […]

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How is your Kitchen

Declutter Your Kitchen

Declutter Your Kitchen How is your spring cleaning and decluttering going?!  As promised, this is the next step in my series of decluttering posts. Feeling stuck? If you think about water when it’s no longer moving, what happens?  It becomes stagnant and starts to smell.  Well, your clutter represents stuck energy, which is not dissimilar, […]

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