Are you concerned about the effects of your mobile phone an laptop?

Recent ongoing studies have highlighted the increasing concern over the long term impact of electromagnetic effects from mobiles and Wifi.  This week there was an article, published in The Telegraph, regarding the concerns for children’s health due to the effects of exposure on a regular basis.  Further research is required, but click here for the article – decide for yourself !

I recently went to a holistic health exhibition and I was introduced to phi energy dots.  They showed me some pictures showing the effects of the heat from a mobile on the head, and then after using the dots for 3 weeks.  The difference is incredible.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I know, from my own experience, that energy stretches far further than we are aware of, and the power of positive and negative energy and it’s impact.

I’ve seen 3 articles this week talking about the effects of mobiles and wifi, so it’s certainly got my interest.


I have been using the energy dots and band over the last few months, as have my children.  The biggest difference I have noticed is that when I am working at my laptop or talking on my phone, I no longer feel ‘monged out’ after a few minutes.  My children seem calmer, and what suprised me the most is how open and receiptive they were to the idea of wearing the bands.  I’ve also had positive feedback from other customers who wear them.  One in particular, who lives in a block of flats and hadn’t been sleeping properly for a long time, has called the bands ‘life changing’.  Check out here for more info and if you are interested in buying any of the bands or dots.

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