Vibrate like a V8!

FerrariThe other morning it was cold, wet and really miserable. I was on the school run and I had to get back quickly for a client.  I jumped in the car, turned the key and listened as my poor engine groaned.  It really didn’t want to turn over…

wur wur wur wur wur wur


I was getting frustrated.  I jumped out of the car, ran into the house and tripped over the door step, before running back to the car, in a panic, to try again…

wur wur wur wur wur wur

Finally the car burst into life, I popped it into first gear and put my foot down (within the legal speed limits, of course!).  The car really wasn’t feeling it.  I gave it everything I could, because my appointment is important and I never let my clients down.The car was struggling big time, and I was trying to remember the last time I actually got it serviced?  Time for one now, I think!

Anyway,  I got back for my appointment and kept my client happy, which is my main priority, then the first thing I did was book the car in for a service.  The difference is almost world’s apart, my little Renault Clio feels like a Rosso Red V8 Ferrari – I’m loving it once more!

OK, I may be exaggerating slightly, but does this sound familiar?!

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