What’s your Guilty Pleasure Piece of Music?

Feel Good MusicI had a stressful day yesterday.  I seemed to spend my whole day looking for stuff!  I just felt I was going round and round in circles and then to top it all I was looking for an email that I couldn’t find.

Eventually I found it but I’d wasted a lot of time.  So as part of my mind/body/soul ongoing decluttering process I took action!

I set the timer for 15 minutes on my phone put some feel good music on and deleted 568 emails, unsubscribed from 3 mailing lists that I have never opened an email from. What was left I started to put into folders, so it looks much better now!

So my questions to you are, how many emails can you delete in 15 minutes and who would your feel good music be?  If you email me and let me know how many emails you deleted and who your feel good music was, I’ll let you into my embarrassing secret!  Its my guilty pleasure song but it really does make me feel brilliant when I listen to it!

So delete delete delete – and yes, even me if you want to!  But not before you’ve found out my guilty secret!!

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