Why on earth did I decide to run a Half Marathon?

It was a post-divorce challenge, to myself, that I would run a half marathon with my daughter.  Unfortunately, what seemed like a stand for independence, rapidly became more and more difficult as I dealt with coming to terms with the change of circumstances.  With so many legal, financial and social issues to deal with, it’s fair to say that training took a back seat and preparation was extremely poor!

I had a goal of a finish time in min. I HAD to do it, or I would have felt like a massive failure. Of course, I had concerns about being ready and had to battle doubts that I should run at all because of the lack of training.  Those doubts intensified when we got lost en route to the venue and arrived as the race started!

Despite it all, we ran!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We set off at pace and the excitement of the challenge powered me on. Unfortunately, I may have been, as the cliché goes, running on adrenaline. After a mile I was shattered and didn’t even know how I was going to get to the end. By the third mile my daughter had disappeared into the distance and, despite being surrounded by people, I was running alone. I suddenly felt very out of my depth with only a fraction of the run completed.
Then something miraculous happened. I could see pacemakers ahead, running with flags with target times on. Weirdly, it was the target time I wanted to achieve. Even more weirdly this beacon, that symbolized my goal, didn’t seem too far away and I was even catching them up!
At mile six, I suddenly felt really emotional, like a huge surge of confidence and belief. Despite my best efforts to sabotage myself, I was actually going to do this.
I did hit my target and remember the feelings of disbelief, pride and emotion at completing it. The feeling was AMAZING!

I felt like I had shed layers of stress, and like part of me was back, like Now was the time to start looking forward ….

So join me on 6th May where we can identify what challenges really excite you and which, at the moment, seem like hardwork and overwhelming, You know that, left to your own devices, it’ll be much harder work.

You will be supporting each other, be accountable to each other and, most importantly, learn lots to take away with you. Whether it’s understanding how your mind works and how it can hold you back, to practical steps to help you have the time, energy and focus to achieve your goal.

Whatever stage you are at, whether it’s in the middle of a big challenge, or feeling like you’ve lost your way, my question to you is; What has to happen for you to be ok with doing something NOW ?! For more info and to book Click here

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