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Jason Vale JuicingAs you know from past newsletters, I’m very keen to find ways to make health a priority for everyone, and to make it as easy as possible.  In my opinion, being properly hydrated is the first step, hence why I have been continually mentioning the water hypnosis, which is there for everyone to download and use, free of charge.  If you’ve any queries on using hypnosis in this way, drop me a line or give me a call on tel:07811 515723.

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I had long since been very aware of how difficult it was to make sure myself and my family were eating their ‘5-A-Day’ and, because of numerous recommendations, bought a Nutribullet last year – a superfood nutrition extractor – which has been a brilliant investment.  Sound a bit out there?  Well the Nutribullet busts open seeds, cracks through stems, shreds tough skins and breaks down ingredients to unlock nutrients in the whole food.  I started using the Nutribullet recipes and then began experimenting with the Juice Master, aka Jason Vale, too.

Juice Master

At the beginning of January, I attended a one day seminar to hear Jason Vale speak.  He was in the process of launching a 28-day juice programme, and was on a mission to get as many people juicing as possible, as a result of a film he made last year – see the link below.  This video is only available to watch for free until 15 February, but I would recommend anyone watch it who is cynical about the benefits of juicing – – I have to admit I might have shed a tear or two watching it, see what I mean for yourself!

The Side Benefits of Juicing

At the risk of sounding evangelical about it, it’s common sense that the more fruit and vegetables we eat the better for us, so I have subsequently bought a juicer as well.  Try making Apple juice in a juicer and then compare it to the stuff you buy in the shops – the difference is just incredible!  Jason also has some brilliant soup recipes in his books, which are just so easy to make, and can be portioned-up and put into the freezer.  And one of the best things, is that my son, who lets say has previously been ‘challenged’ by eating fruit and veg, is now loving making juices – for him the greener the better – he loves ones with Spinach.  Yet a few months ago, if I’d piled some Spinach on his plate there would have been some very odd teenage faces being pulled!  Try this Spinach, Watercress, Rocket and Sweet Potato Soup.

From a personal point of view, the big plus has been that along with drinking Skinade, my skin has never looked better, my energy levels are great, and I can even see that my eyes look brighter.  I would never want to juice continuously, and we eat ‘normally’ as a family, but for me the knowledge that we are eating lots of fruit and veg is incredibly satisfying.

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