The Wonders of Hypnosis!

The Wonders of HypnosisHypnosis sometimes receives mixed press; in the past, it’s been viewed as a form of entertainment, a way to expose things in people or a fun tool for stage shows.  There are concerns that you may be made to do something under Hypnosis that you wouldn’t ordinarily do!  Sadly, there are many misconceptions, which mean that the various therapeutic benefits of Hypnosis are not always appreciated.  I’d like to point out the positives and how I use Hypnosis with my clients and workshops.

The funny thing is, pretty well without exception, that everyone I have hypnotised has said that it doesn’t feel like they’ve been hypnotised because they heard everything or, alternatively because they’ve fallen asleep!  The really important thing to note with Hypnosis is that you are always in control and aware of what’s going on around you, it’s kind of like being in a daydream.

One point to bear in mind is that Hypnosis can only work if someone really wants it too.  For example if you’ve ever spoken to someone who wanted to give up smoking and Hypnosis hasn’t worked, the likelihood is that they didn’t really want to give up.  I always say that, for me, Hypnosis seals in a process and creates a forward direction.  You may come to me with a particular challenge that you are facing, such as weightloss, and we will work through it.  We’ll work through those conscious challenges before sealing them in place with Hypnosis.  So if you want to make a change, it doesn’t always have to be a conscious change – because it’s like forming new habits, it can take a while.  Hypnosis allows things to happen at an unconscious level (if you are receptive to it), even when consciously you may be feeling out of sorts or focussing on something else entirely.  Combined with conscious habits it can be really successful and keep you on track in a way that may be more difficult without it.

Consequently, in my two workshops, Create and Money Magnificence, I will be using low-level Hypnosis to complete each workshop and to help support and ‘seal in’ those changes you would like to make.  This means that however much your conscious mind may try to throw you off course, the Hypnosis will ‘kick in’ to help keep you on track.

You may have seen the free Hypnosis that I sent out to you all about drinking more water effortlessly – click on the link to sign-up and receive your free download.  Drinking sufficient water for our minds and bodies to function optimally can be a massive challenge to a lot of people.  Here’s what one of my clients had to say…

“I commented to my daughter that I was going to the loo more, before realising that it was  because I had been drinking more water. I hadn’t even noticed. I had listened to the Hypnosis a few times before Christmas and the really amazing thing was, despite all the Christmas excesses, I had actually lost 2lbs in weight.” 

If you’d like to find out how Hypnosis could help with your particular challenge, or book onto one of my workshops, please give me a call on tel: 07811 515723 or drop me an email to

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